Junior Rangers – Trees in Spring

This week our theme is trees (following the brilliant “Exploring Nature With Children Curriculum” by Raising Little Shoots.)

Spring is a great time to look at trees as they start to come to life again after winter. When you are walking in the park why not choose a tree whose leaves are coming through to have a look at?


When you have found a tree you like the look of take a couple of minutes to have a closer look at its leaves.

  • Are the leaf edges smooth or do they have teeth?
  • Are the edges wavy or prickly?
  • Does the leaf have one vein that extends from the stalk to the tip or does it have more than one vein that extends to the edges of the leaf?
  • What colour is the leaf’s stalk?
  • How long is the leaf?

If you can find any buds on the tree what do they look like?

Learn more about trees

Other tree inspired activities

Image credit: Andy Carson

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